Where to find us in Fall/Winter

When people think of the North Shore, they think of big waves, pro surfers, and surf contests. Winter brings the famous swells and waves the North Shore is known for, but there are still opportunities for beginner surfers to have a fun time in the water with us. Buttons Surf School has two primary locations in winter: Pua’ena Point and Chun’s Reef. We have a few Rental Boards on the beach at Chun’s, but most lessons will be given at Pua’ena Point since it is a better spot for beginners. There is about a 5 minute drive between Chun’s and Pua’ena, so if you see us on the beach, we’ll happily guide you to your lesson.

Check out this awesome testimonial I received:

My girlfriend and I both signed up for a one hour lesson. It was totally worth it! Buttons is a great teacher and he’s super friendly. In fact, his whole family was great! Neither of us had surfed before, but we were catching waves in no time. If you have the chance, take lessons from Buttons!

Eddie, San Jose, CA

Don’t forget, I’m also available to show advanced and expert surfers the North Shore’s premier breaks, including Waimea Bay, Sunset and Rocky Point. If you’re an advanced surfer spending your first winter on the North Shore, check out my Sunset Package and I’ll have your back in the lineup!