Sharing the Stoke

I love sharing the stoke of surfing and meeting people from all over the world who visit Hawaii for surf lessons. Nothing is cooler than watching someone get their first wave! Check out these stories that were recently shared with me. Mahalo!

It was my first time surfing and I thought, yeah, I’m pretty good! But little did I realize that it was actually due to being taught by the great legendary Buttons himself!!! Both Buttons and Kala were awesome instructors. Patient and encouraging the entire time. Personable and kind. I now know that it was due to their great instruction that both my husband and I will almost definitely go back out surfing! Thank you so much to Buttons and his family! Much blessings!

Angela, Los Angeles, CA

I didn’t realize I was surfing with a legend! My wife and I knew we wanted to try surfing and were planning to go in Waikiki. On a trip to the North Shore we saw Buttons’ tent on the beach and decided to go for it. There were hardly any people there on a Monday and Buttons and Kala were great instructors. I fell off the first few times, but with their instructions and patience, I caught many waves and was feeling pretty comfortable at the end. I’d definitely recommend Buttons surf school. Mahalo Buttons!

Eliot, Los Angeles, CA

Buttons has a fantastic surf school. He promised plenty of waves and lots of fun. They completely exceeded their promise and our expectations. They make learning to surf both fun and easy. Anybody would have great time learning to surf with Buttons.

Andy M., Fullerton, CA